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New Tamiya Rising Fighter Aluminium Oil Damper/Shock Absorber Set From JK-RC

Part No: JKRC9981DB

Price Including VAT: £18.99
Price Excluding VAT: £15.83

New modified oil damper shock set for the Tamiya Rising Fighter, from JK-RC.

Re-use all your existing shock fittings, please note that these oil dampers are noticeably firmer than the dry friction shocks.

A section of rubber tube is included, ready to be cut into eight equal short lengths with normal scissors to be used as spacers between the shock and the car as shown.

Supplied as shown, please allow for the unlikely possibility of 1/ a slight difference in the shade of the main colour from one shock to another 2/ a +/- 5mm variance in size 3/ light surface marks from the manufacturing process 4/ slight residue oil from the filling process. To prevent cross-threading & seal crushing do not overtighten the caps.