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New Tamiya Blitzer Beetle HQ CNC Aluminium Oil Damper/Shock Absorber Set From JK-RC

Part No: JKRC9924G

Price Including VAT: £22.99
Price Excluding VAT: £19.16

New aluminium oil damper shock set from JK-RC, supplied pre-built & filled ready to fit straight onto a Tamiya Blitzer Beetle.

Please note that this shock set will slightly lower the ride height (by 4mm)

** Please use the outer hole for the front lower mounting points **

Supplied as shown in the first (main) picture, please allow for the unlikely possibility of 1/ a slight difference in the shade of the main colour from one shock to another 2/ a +/- 5mm variance in size 3/ light surface marks from the manufacturing process 4/ slight residue oil from the filling process.