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New Absima 'Greenhorn' NiMH 7.2V 5100mah Stick Battery Pack With Deans/T-Plug + Tamiya Adaptor

** UK ONLY **

Part No: Absima-4100013

Price Including VAT: £29.99
Price Excluding VAT: £24.99


ABSIMA presents a new generation of powerful NiMH stickpacks. Outstanding power delivery, and a completely new race design. All battery packs are supplied pre-assembled and ready-to-use including a Deans (T-plug) connector and a Tamiya style adapter to make it most comfortable for the user. The high-quality cells have a single cell shrinkage and are fast-chargeable. Suitable for use in the vast majority of Tamiya RC cars, please ask before purchasing if you are in any doubt.

Minimum capacity: 5100mAh

Plug system: T-plug including Tamiya adapter

High-quality single cell shrinkage

Voltage: 7.2V

Measure: 135x46x24 mm

Weight: 415g


Please be aware that brand new NiMH batteries can take approximately six full charges & discharges before they reach their peak performance level.

Never leave a battery charging unattended!!