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Large 60ml/cc Bottle Of 200 cps Silicone Shock Absorber Oil By Alpha

BUY TWO GET ONE FREE OFFER. Just add your choice of grades for the first two to the cart (must be bought together in the same transaction) and add a message to the payment (or email us straight after posting) with your choice of grade for the fee bottle (choose from 200cps, 300cps or 400cps only for the free bottle). Subject to availability, while stocks last.

Part No: PA-CL00200

Price Including VAT: £5.49
Price Excluding VAT: £4.58
Please note that due to the sheer number of different cars in existence and the number of factors involved with selecting the oil grade best suited to your car, its shocks and the way you want it to perform, it is not possible for us to advise which oil grade is best for your individual requirements. Information regarding how to choose oil grades for your specific car can usually be found via Google if you are unsure, the following information may also help:
Tamiya Soft - Red - 200cts
Tamiya Soft - Orange - 300cts
Tamiya Soft - Yellow - 400cts (as found in many Tamiya kits)
Tamiya Medium - Green - 500cts
Tamiya Medium - Blue - 600cts
Tamiya Medium - Purple - 700cts
Tamiya Hard - Pink - 800cts
Tamiya Hard - White - 900cts
Tamiya Hard - Pale Blue - 1000cts
10wt = 100cst/cps
15wt = 150cst/cps
20wt = 200cst/cps
25wt = 275cst/cps
30wt = 350cst/cps
35wt = 425cst/cps
40wt = 500cst/cps
45wt = 575cst/cps
50wt = 650cst/cps
55wt = 725cst/cps
60wt = 800cst/cps
70wt = 900cst/cps
80wt = 1000cst/cps