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New 43-Piece Option Parts Pack For Tamiya TT01, TT02, TL01 etc Aluminium Wheels, Oil Dampers, Hex Adapaters, Wheel Nuts & Body Clips As Shown

Part No: JKRC9772R

Price Including VAT: £35.99
Price Excluding VAT: £29.99

4 x Aluminium wheel

4 x Aluminium oil filled shock absorbers

8 x Screw for shock absorbers

4 x Aluminium hex adapter

4 x Axle pin for hex adapter

4 x Aluminium wheel nut

15 x Anodised body clip

These wheels can be used with Tamiya's standard size slick (50454), radial (50419) or rally block (50476) tyres which are all usually available on our website, just enter the part number shown in brackets into the search box and hit enter. Please note that the wheels can occasionally have very small mark(s), usually near the centre holes so covered by the wheel nuts.